Eminent Domain: Save Your Property Or Maximize Payout

Eminent domain refers to the government's legal right to claim private property for public use. If you have been informed that the government is taking your land, it is natural to respond with emotions like anger and panic. It can be a complicated situation, but you have certain rights in the process that you should trust an attorney to fight for. Without legal representation, you will be at the mercy of the authority taking your property, but a lawyer from The Law Office of Wickersham & Bowers might help ensure you receive maximum compensation.

When a government body threatens to seize your property, this is naturally very upsetting as well as threatening to your asset portfolio. Whether a city, county or state exercises eminent domain with your residential or commercial property, you need an experienced attorney on your side to protect your rights.

Weigh Your Options And Decide How To Fight

Will you fight the land grab? Or will you accept the inevitable and instead, push for higher compensation? A lawyer with knowledge of the real estate market, the business climate and legal precedents in land use in a particular geographical area can be a valuable ally.

At The Law Office of Wickersham & Bowers, you have an available advocate if a government entity wants your land for:

  • Use by public utilities such as an electrical power plant or waterworks installation
  • Conversion to a roadway or other transportation use
  • A development project such as construction of a shopping mall or apartment complex

The last option (development) is frustrating to land owners who stand to lose a great deal, seemingly for the sake of other people's profit. If you challenge the government representatives by asserting your right to keep your private property, they may reply that large groups of people will benefit from the new development. You may opt to devote your energy to ensuring that you receive fair remuneration for your real estate soon to be lost to eminent domain.

Legal Representation When Your Property Is Taken

If you have lost your property to eminent domain, you already know how stressful the process is. In some cases, the authority claiming your property may not even declare or inform you of their intention prior to taking your land. In these situations, you cannot pursue compensation, but you can claim inverse condemnation in order to have a court declare your property was taken. Once this has been declared, you may seek compensation for the damages of losing your property. If this sounds complicated, an eminent domain lawyer can advise you and help you pursue the most advantageous resolution.

Get Legal Advice Now

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