For Your Legacy: Estate Planning And Probate

A key component of financial planning and financial management over a lifetime is estate planning — the envisioning and preparing of your legacy. You have worked hard earning and/or preserving and managing assets. You naturally want to determine what will happen to those assets when your life is over. An estate plan allows you to exert power over your assets beyond your lifetime.

How can you best protect your assets from taxes and/or distribution contrary to your wishes after your death? A knowledgeable estate planning lawyer can guide you thoughtfully as you express your wishes in enforceable testamentary documents. At The Law Office of Wickersham & Bowers in Daytona Beach, you will find estate planning attorneys ready to help you translate your vision into a comprehensive estate plan, including:

  • A will, powers of attorney and one or more trusts
  • A living will and health care proxy designation

Learn how to make the law work for you and your family. Get peace of mind now and a smooth transfer of assets in the future with careful estate planning.

If you are planning to marry, our lawyers can also help you put a sensible antenuptial agreement in place — and ensure that its provisions align with your estate plan.

Administering A Loved One’s Estate

Your grief after the death of a family member may be made more complicated by questions about how to close the estate. With many details to attend to, you are wise to bring a probate lawyer on board as soon as possible. We understand that your family needs time to mourn, but we can get things underway quietly, behind the scenes, beginning right away after a death in the family or as soon as you are ready to talk to an attorney.

If you are out of state but your loved one died in Florida, we can serve as your Florida point of contact throughout the probate and estate administration process. We will gladly help you through all phases of settling your family member’s estate, including advising you on the sale of real estate and other matters.

Get Your Estate Plan Underway

We are ready to talk to you about your estate plan, probate of your loved one’s estate or any estate-related matter. Feel free to contact us online, or call 386-252-3000 to request a consultation.