Understanding Custody And Support Of Your Children After A Separation Or Divorce

While divorcing couples with minor children need to include child custody and support as part of a divorce, parenthood is its own reality apart from the marriage. When you divorce your husband or wife, you will not divorce your children. Instead, your family will take on a new configuration. Understanding this is essential as you make the transitions that you and your children face.

In Children’s Best Interests

Family law judges in Florida and elsewhere focus on the child’s best interests in child custody and support matters. This is the case not only in the case of a divorce, but also for married parents who are separated and for parents not married to each other. A child custody order and a child support order will delineate legal rights and responsibilities for each parent.

Same-sex couples who have raised children together will also need child custody orders and child support orders when their domestic partnerships or marriages dissolve.

For help understanding and navigating the legal processes leading up to court orders for custody and support of your children, contact The Law Office of Wickersham & Bowers in Daytona Beach. A custody order for your children may result in one of these arrangements or some combination:

  • Joint legal custody
  • Joint physical custody
  • Sole legal custody
  • Sole physical custody

Taking The Long View

One productive way of approaching the difficult aspects of child custody, child visitation and child support matters is this: Ask yourself some key long-term questions: When you look back in five, 10 or 20 years, how do you hope to see the results of your co-parenting after the divorce or separation? Do you want your child to be able to celebrate future graduations, weddings and other life events with both parents and appropriate rejoicing over life’s milestones?

Taking the long view can go a long way in helping you get through the current challenges. The Law Office of Wickersham & Bowers is here for you, to help you achieve the most important outcomes in your family life as you co-parent after a divorce or separation.

Contact A Knowledgeable, Empathetic Lawyer

We will gladly advise you on the way forward in the related areas of child custody and child support. We can also help you seek or resist a modification to your child custody or child support order. Contact The Law Office of Wickersham & Bowers in Daytona Beach by email or by calling 386-252-3000 to request a consultation with a family law attorney.