Protect Assets With Reliable Representation In Probate Litigation

One of the best ways to prevent probate litigation is to not waste time settling an estate. The longer an estate remains open, the more opportunities there are for complications to arise. If you are the designated personal representative (executor or executrix) for a loved one’s estate, we at The Law Office of Wickersham & Bowers urge you to proceed in a timely manner toward the goal of settling the estate.

Our law firm is here to help. We practice law on a first-name basis and look forward to getting to know you and explaining how we can help protect your rights and interests.

When Disputes Arise

Probate litigation is an unfortunate fact of life in some cases. You may need to bring a claim against an executor as a plaintiff if you learn that the person responsible for handling your loved one’s estate is pilfering resources for himself or herself or committing other unethical, illegal actions affecting the estate. Our probate litigation lawyer can help you get your lawsuit underway promptly and push for a settlement very soon to avoid prolonged legal complications.

On the other hand, you may be the executor facing accusations from others that you have breached your fiduciary duties. Someone may contest the will or otherwise bring legal action against you or the estate. In a worst case scenario, you may even face criminal charges if someone claims you have abused your position and diminished the estate. Our lawyers can help you push for a timely, reasonable resolution when probate litigation gets underway.

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