Making Your Divorce Work For You

Divorce should not be something that happens to you, but something that you navigate with awareness and common sense. If divorce has become inevitable in your life, make the legal processes work for you.

At The Law Office of Wickersham & Bowers in Daytona Beach, we are here to help you with the following steps:

Understanding Your Goals And Priorities

What is most important to you as you approach the division of marital property? Do you hope to keep the house or get rid of the house and mortgage? What will make sense to do with retirement accounts, business interests, motor vehicles and household goods?

Will you need spousal support or do you hope to prevent having to pay excessive alimony?

What about custody of your child(ren)? This area of a divorce tends to trigger the most conflict. Remember: You know your child(ren) and your lifestyle better than any family law judge can.

Discuss your expectations with an experienced family law attorney. Learn about how to protect your financial interests with regard to child support. Prepare to pursue the objectives that mean the most to you.

Realizing Compromise Will Likely Be Necessary

When one household becomes two, there will naturally be some losses to deal with. This usually means both parties will of necessity give up things of value to each one.

As you prepare to negotiate a settlement agreement or take your divorce to trial, clarify in your mind where you stand in asset division.

Be prepared for give-and-take. For example, you may decide to let go of your share of a vacation property in exchange for certain investment assets.

Charting The Path Ahead

The divorce process can seem scary. Not only are you possibly worried about which marital assets you may lose, but you may also fear the coming costs of the divorce. Rest assured that at The Law Office of Wickersham & Bowers, we take the whole picture into account at all times. If you become our client, we will be advocating for you in all aspects. We understand the importance of keeping legal maneuvers to a minimum so as to keep legal fees from getting out of hand.

Let’s Talk About Your Divorce And How We Can Help

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