Things to Consider When Setting a Medical Power of Attorney

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When it comes to the care and treatment of a loved one, you want to have your full focus on their best benefit. Setting a medical power of attorney can eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress. It puts your mind at ease because you have an assurance that the desired health decisions will be made according to you and your loved one’s wishes.  Establishing a medical power of attorney in Florida is a relatively simple process. However, having a legal advocate like the Law Office of Wickersham & Bowers will give you the assurance you need to make this process uncomplicated and stress-free.

What You Should Know When Setting a Medical Power of Attorney in Florida

A medical power of attorney (also known as a Florida Designation of Health Care Surrogate or an Advance Directive) is a legal document that authorizes you to appoint yourself (or an alternate individual) to make health-related decisions on behalf of a person who has specific health care preferences in the event he or she cannot make these decisions for themselves. 

For example, if you are appointed as medical power of attorney (MPA) to a loved one, you (or an additional person elected as a secondary authority) can make medical decisions regarding health treatment on behalf of your loved one according to his or her wishes set forth in the MPA documentation.  If a situation occurs when medical choices must be made and your loved one is not in a capacity to give clear instruction, as the MPA, you are the mouthpiece for your loved one when it comes to communicating with health providers. 

It is crucial to complete the medical power of attorney documentation accurately and appropriately according to your loved one’s intentions. Doing so protects the person you are serving in their stead, as well as legally protecting yourself under Florida Statues Section 765.203.

Getting the Best Care When Setting a Medical Power of Attorney

At the Law Office of Wickersham & Bowers, we realize being responsible for the medical wishes of someone you care for can be a tremendous responsibility. That is why we are here to guide you through the process of setting a medical power of attorney. We are here to make transitions in you and your loved one’s life as seamless and easy as possible. For further information about setting a medical power of attorney, please contact us by email or at 386-252-3000 today. Our caring, professional legal team in Daytona Beach Florida is here to help you during your time of need.

Is Splitting Holidays Required for Custody Agreements

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Holidays are meant to be a time of celebration and spending time with our loved ones.  Parents dealing with divorce often face challenges when it comes to enjoying these special times together with their children.  Knowing your legal rights in Florida as a parent of a minor can give you peace of mind when it comes to splitting holidays for custody agreements. At the Law Office of Wickersham & Bowers in Daytona Beach, we have you and your child’s best interest at heart. 

Negotiating a Parenting Plan for Holiday Custody Agreements

Our Florida law office is devoted to helping you and your family experience the comfort and joys the holiday season can bring. That is why we are here to provide you with the best counsel when it comes to determining holiday custody agreements. 

The first step to stress-free holiday custody terms is to establish a parenting plan.  Florida law requires a parenting plan that distributes equal custody time-sharing. This means each parent receives a 50-50 share of time spent with the child (or children) in a joint custody situation. Therefore, equally splitting holidays is required for custody agreements.  

It is important to establish a clear parenting plan regarding holiday custody to avoid misunderstandings.  The Florida Supreme Court provides a checklist that includes traditional holidays as well as other special days off during the school year.  Establishing this parenting plan is crucial to identifying what is considered a holiday and which parent should receive the child or children in any particular occasion. 

Once finalized, this time-share plan will eliminate doubt and confusion regarding your custody agreement.  With our legal counsel, we can help you negotiate clear terms as to defining fair holiday custody with satisfaction and equanimity.

Getting the Answers You Need About Splitting Holiday Custody Agreements

You can have a healthy, happy holiday season with your family, even after divorce or separation.  Our team of caring legal experts can guide you through the process of splitting holiday custody agreements so you can enjoy your holidays to their fullest. Contact the Law Office of Wickersham & Bowers by email or at 386-252-3000 today so you can consult with one of our family law attorneys. We are happy to provide you the counsel you and your family deserve.