Co-Parenting in the Digital Age: Tools and Tips for Success

On behalf of The Law Office of Wickersham and Bowers posted in Family Law on Monday November 13th, 2023.

Today, the world is dominated by technology everywhere—even in co-parenting. By having the right tools and strategies, parents can have a smooth process during the time of shared custody. Let’s take a deeper look into the tools and tips that can make co-parenting in the digital age a success.

1. Embrace Digital Calendars

One of the biggest challenges in co-parenting is coordinating schedules. Digital calendars like Google Calendar or Apple Calendar allow parents to share events, appointments, and important dates. This ensures that both parents are on the same page and reduces the chances of miscommunication.

2. Communication Apps

While texting and calling are always options, specialized communication apps like OurFamilyWizard or Coparently offer features tailored for co-parenting. These apps provide a platform for messaging, expense tracking, and even documenting communication for legal purposes.

3. Online Expense Tracking

Managing finances is another crucial aspect of co-parenting. Tools like Splitwise allow parents to track shared expenses, ensuring transparency and fairness. Parents can log expenses, split them accordingly, and keep track of who owes what.

4. Virtual Visits

For parents who live far apart, virtual visits can be a game-changer. Platforms like Zoom or Skype allow children to maintain a connection with both parents, even if they can’t be physically present. It’s a way to ensure that distance doesn’t dilute the bond between parent and child.

5. Set Digital Boundaries

While technology offers numerous advantages, it’s essential to set boundaries. This might mean designating tech-free times or ensuring that discussions about sensitive topics happen face-to-face rather than over text.

6. Stay Updated on Tech Trends

The digital landscape is ever-evolving. Staying updated on the latest tools and apps can provide new solutions to co-parenting challenges. Join online forums or groups where co-parents share their experiences and recommendations.

Conclusion: Navigating Co-Parenting with Digital Assistance

There are ample digital tools to ensure that co-parenting is easier and more effective in this digital era. Through the use of these tools and continued dialogue with their children, parents will be ensuring that both sides are satisfied. As the team at Wickersham and Bowers often says, “Adapting to the times ensures that we provide the best for our families.” 

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