Family Law 101

On behalf of The Law Office of Wickersham and Bowers posted in Family Law on Thursday, April 15th, 2020.

Many different areas of the law and the specific practice of them can be very sensitive and delicate. This is probably no truer in any other legal situation than that which deals with those whom you most care about or have personal relationships with; family law. 

When you are involved in any type of dispute (or even just the need to consult with an attorney), chances are that you are already putting a strain on a once close and important relationship. Having a compassionate and caring legal specialist can help make sure that that relationship can continue to be a strong and healthy one.

The Sensitivity of This Area of Practice

The thing that makes this specific legal practice so delicate is the fact that there are usually heightened and intense emotions involved. This isn’t two strangers in a dispute about a contract or someone facing some type of criminal charge, this is often times two or more people who either at one time or still now love and care about each other deeply, and one (if not both) parties feel hurt and betrayed by the fact that whatever is going on between them has now come to the point of getting the law involved.

Various Examples and Different Scenarios

Common instances of this type of legal practice include prenups, marriage and divorce, child custody, alimony and child support, business or financial agreements between family and friends, and several others. Mediation, negotiation, and litigation all take on a very different feel to them when the person on the other side isn’t some stranger or random individual, but rather someone you love. 

That is why it is of the utmost importance that someone who is empathetic and cares as much about repairing relationships as representing the law is crucial to the situation being resolved in truly the best manner.

Relationships are More Important than Law

In the end, the person on the other side of the table (or courtroom) is probably someone that not too long ago you never would have dreamed you would be on opposite ends of a legal battle with. The family law experts at Wickersham and Bowers have seen countless of these scenarios play out, both positively and negatively. And they want to make sure that when it’s all said and done, you not only get the results you were hoping for but also the restoration of a relationship with your family member or friend.

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