How Having the Right Attorney Can Make Your Adoption Go Smoother

On behalf of The Law Office of Wickersham and Bowers posted in Family Law on Friday February 5, 2021

The process of adopting a child is a long and complicated one. The combination of federal laws, state laws, the ambiguity of current laws, and the many factors that can complicate, impede, or stop the adoption process can make the adoption process seem impossible. Family law lawyers with experience and intense focus can help adoptive parents and birth parents navigate through the legal process and dramatically reduce the time and cost associated with the legal process.

Anticipating Problems Before They Arise

Many factors regarding the adoption can delay or prevent the adoption process if they are not adequately addressed. Experienced family law lawyers can help potential parents mitigate the impact of factors including one biological parent challenging the adoption, the adoptive parents’ financial histories, and any criminal records that the adoptive parents may have. 

Selecting the Best Option for the Adoptive Parents and the Birth Parents

There are multiple types of legal adoptions, including foster adoptions through the state, private agencies and matches arranged by attorneys. Family law lawyers can inform the parties involved about each option’s advantages and issues, guiding the parties involved towards the adoption type best suited for their circumstances.

Maintaining Progress and Clearing Blocking Issues

Adoptions require multiple parts and actions, and any delays or non-compliance can increase the time and cost involved with the adoption process. Family law lawyers can keep current with the adoption process, providing the parties involved with timely updates and collecting necessary information and resources to keep the adoption process moving.

Preparation for the Home Study

Potential adoptive parents must prove that their residence is fit for raising a child by completing a home study. Family law lawyers can coach potential adoptive parents on how to set up and modify their home to pass the home study.

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